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Photographer, Film Maker and Artist


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Melody Sky Photography

Action Sports, Travel and Lifestyle Photography

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A sense of adventure, love of the outdoors and a respect for the environment gives Melody an endless and open field in which to carry out her profession and passion for photography.

Her love for photography and the outdoors started from a very early age.  She spent much of her youth in the country in Scotland and then the beaches in Cornwall where her mum was always shooting photos and her dad was surfing and constantly exploring with the family.

Travel and sport have always been part of Melody. Her hobby turned to full time career in the ocean where she began working as an under water photographer and by chance this eventually took her to the Alps where she worked as an Ice diver.  From here she picked up a video camera and was the first female camerawoman in Europe to have ski movies shown on a cinema screen and have footage broadcast globally.

Timeline Missions

Action Sports Film Production

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Timeline Missions is a full service, creative led, production house.

Action sports and the natural environment are in our DNA. Based in the Swiss Alps we are an international company of award winning Cinematographers, Photographers, Directors, Producers and Professional Athletes. Producing feature films, documentaries, TV, print and digital advertising for a huge range of clients. We are dedicated to realising the dreams of amazing athletes and bringing you stunning images from around the world.

VIP and Film

Interior Film and Photography

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VIP (Verbier Interior Photography + Films) offer individual Interior Photography, Filming, Aerial Drone Filming and Photography and Web Design services, or a complete package of all of the services.

The team is available to travel internationally, whether you have an Alpine Chalet, Beach Villa, City Office, Yacht or Private Jet.

Verbier Wedding

Verbier and Destination Wedding Photography

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Your wedding day is one of the biggest occasions of your life, and therefore it can take months of preparation. However, the day itself can feel like it is over in a second.

Your wedding photography will be with you for the rest of your life and will constantly bring back wonderful memories of that most special day. I will be there for every minute of it and will capture every solitary moment.

There will be many moments that you can possibly catch, however I will capture them in their entirety. You will get to see the wedding again and again in the same way you remember it and how your friends and family experienced it through a candid and natural style of documenting authentic moments.

Eternal Jellyfish

Graphic Art

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Melody has a passion for all things ocean, mountain and nature and her art work reflects this.

The graphic pieces of art were originally a photograph taken by Melody and then given a new life by being transformed into graphic art.

Eternal Jellyfish Clothing Shop

May Sky Gallery

Art, Photography and Jewellery

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The May Sky Gallery is a pop up gallery exhibiting art, photography and jewellery collections over the 2015/16 winter season in the prestigious Alpine ski resort of Verbier in Switzerland.

The gallery presents the work of New York born jewellery designer and photographer Tracie MAY and Scottish born artist and photographer Melody SKY.

Hi My Name is Melody Sky


I am a Scottish born action sports, travel and lifestyle photographer, film maker and artist currently based in Verbier in Switzerland. My passion for photography began at a very young age.  I started life in a small Scottish village called Auchenblae where my beautiful and scarily intelligent mum instilled creativity and a good imagination in me and my hard working, energetic and fun adventurous dad instilled a love of travel and exploration. We moved to Cornwall by the ocean where my dad surfed and my mum was always shooting photos.  I think it was here that my love of the ocean and photography began.

After briefly studying art following school, I travelled oversees and began work as and underwater photographer. I spent a few years doing this before ending up in Tignes in the French Alps where I worked as an ice diver.  This quickly led me to skiing and eventually making ski films. I took off to London and Melbourne to do a university degree in film and sport and following graduation I became the first female in Europe to have my ski filming broadcast globally and to be shown on a cinema screen.

Today I continue to work in action sports filming and photography however more and more I am diversifying following many requests to shoot other types of work including, fashion, editorial, interiors and even destination weddings.

Eventually I would like to go back to documentaries and environmental photography and filming, but for now the mountains have a magical pull and for the moment I am happy here developing my work… but always happy to travel for an adventure.


I love Sushi, Italian and Indian food


I have a weird addiction with the colour blue


I have crazy love for my family


I’m obsessed with sharks


I spend far too much time on Google and YouTube


I love a good sci-fi movie


I wouldn’t mind being stuck on a desert island


I love a good red wine


I don’t like being called Mel


I’m not keen on cooking

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